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SSD Benefit Denials Are Not the Final Verdict

It is certainly discouraging to have a legitimate application for Social Security Disability benefits denied. You are not working, and no income is coming in. Bills are mounting. Utility payments may be overdue. You may feel ready to give up, feeling that you have done everything you can.

Do not quit. There is hope. There is help.

More than half of all SSD benefit applications are denied after the first application, and success is often achieved after working through the appeals process with an experienced attorney. At Williams Hendrix Steigner & Brink, P.A., in Lexington, South Carolina, we help our clients secure the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve through the appeals process.

Do not handle such a complex legal matter without the help of an experienced attorney. Contact our law firm at 803-359-1550 or toll free at 800-922-6293.

Facing the Challenges of a Social Security Disability Appeal for You

We encourage clients who have received a letter of denial to bring that communication and all related information to our law office. It is usually 60 days to prepare and file a reconsideration from a denial. We need medical records and a doctor's written verification that you absolutely cannot work. The challenge we face is that if there is a job out there that you can perform, Social Security may deny the claim.

There may be many layers to the appeals process, and eventually you may be required to present your case at an SSD hearing. The good news is that by working with an attorney, you are all the more likely for your case to be accepted during the appeals process. We have worked on these cases for years, and know the system well. We can get your questions answered and evaluate your case from the Social Security Administration's perspective in order to strengthen your appeal.

Social Security Disability Is Not a Do-It-Yourself Legal Matter

Do not handle this complex matter on your own. We need every bit of data to build your claim. Every ache and pain you experience should be documented. Do not hold back any information on your medical condition. We want to stack the factual evidence in your favor. Too much is at stake.

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