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To Our Attorneys, You Matter

A frustrating and emotional situation only becomes worse when you are uncomfortable or unhappy with the person representing you. At Williams Hendrix Steigner & Brink, you can be confident that the lawyer you hire is the one who will be with you from the beginning to the end of your case. While you will benefit from an experienced legal staff and support of the other attorneys in the firm, the individual attorney you choose is the one who will handle all aspects of your case.

Have you been seriously injured in a car accident? Is a family member or friend facing drug charges or been arrested for a crime? Have you been rejected for Social Security Disability? Are you dealing with an emotionally charged probate or domestic matter? Contact our law firm at 803-359-1550 or toll free at 800-922-6293. Whether you seek help from a Columbia criminal defense law attorney or a Lexington, South Carolina, personal injury lawyer, you can feel confident turning to our firm. Learn More About Our Firm

Client-Driven Representation

At Williams Hendrix Steigner & Brink, P.A., we focus on our clients' needs. Simply put, they matter to us. In handling a complicated and emotional case involving divorce, personal injury or criminal defense, we are more than just attorneys: we are staunch advocates for our clients, focused steadfastly on protecting their legal rights and promoting their best interests.

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Chances are that if you reside in Lexington, South Carolina, you have heard about our firm. Our word-of-mouth business and referral network is strong. We pride ourselves on a reputation based on the quality legal services we have provided over the years. Residents charged with a DUI, drug charges or other serious crime know who to call. Friends and family of clients dealing with a family law matter such as child custody and visitation contact us with the confidence that we can help them. People of all ages turn to us for comprehensive wills and estates guidance.

Don't Face Legal Problems on Your Own

If you are facing the most difficult situation in your life, we are at your side. From individuals applying for workers' compensation or who have been injured at work by a third party to businesses involved in a dispute, we focus on the legal aspects of complex cases.


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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, please contact us online or call us locally at 803-359-1550 or toll free 800-922-6293.